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Total Structures Truss, Hoist, Rigging and Outdoor Structure Workshop The former was recently updated to cover the use of nearly all outdoor structures used in OSHA Hoisting and rigging safety the production industry and no longer just concerns stage roof systems. Therefore anyone involved with the erection or use of outdoor structures, whether video walls, PA towers, etc. should be aware of the requirements of this standard. Day 1's evening entertainment will consist of a tour of the Total Structures' factory, dinner and a chance for delegates to try their hands at various fabrication techniques used in the production of truss. Day 2 Truss and Structure Design and Inspection Principles Taught by Adrian Forbes-Black, vice-president of Total Structures. Adrian has over 20 years of entertainment rigging industry experience in both the United States and Europe, having worked for companies such as Tomcat and Columbus McKinnon before relocating to California ten years ago to work for Total Structures. Adrian will teach the fundamentals of aluminium truss design and use, as well as how to visually inspect the product and document the inspection for continued safe use and good record keeping practice as per ANSI E1.2 - 2012 (Entertainment Technology Design, Manufacture and Use of Aluminium Trusses and Towers). Dinner will be provided at a local restaurant on the evening of Day 2. Day 3 Pointman Electric Chain Hoist User Technician Class Also taught by Adrian Forbes-Black, the class will cover everything an end-user will need to know to safely operate and manage the range of Pointman electric chain hoists. From basic design theory to troubleshooting to annual inspection requirements, the attendee will leave the class ready to manage their own fleet of hoists both in the warehouse and on the road. Day 3's after class entertainment will include the world famous Total Structures' Kart Racing Grand Prix followed by dinner.

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