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Apr 28, 2017

The Basics Concerning Hse Regulations

Amazon failed to report 26 work-related injuries that occurred at the warehouse, including employees who felt their knees pop out after lifting boxes, the federal agency said. Amazon said it was contesting the citation. In all, the new warehouse openings will create more than 2,500 new, full-time jobs, according a report on . At one million square feet, the Carteret fulfillment center is the largest in the state. It employs 2,000 employees. Robots fetch items and bring them to workers; otherwise workers would have to walk the length of a football field to retrieve the products,


Apr 26, 2017

Osha Regulations Reprise

The April 18 order makes it federal policy to promote and use American labor and goods. It also directs the federal government to fully enforce guidelines prioritizing the use of American firms and goods in federal projects, such as when buying lifts for federally funded transportation projects. Founded in 1925 by the inventor of the automotive hydraulic lift, Rotary Lift employs more than 400 people in Madison, Ind. The small town on the Ohio River is home to Rotarys American headquarters and manufacturing facilities, as well as its engineering, product development, R&D, customer service,


Apr 24, 2017

A Glance Within Lifting Equipment Hire

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Off-road drivers understand the need of installing a winch on their vehicles. Oftentimes, possession of a good winch may stand between driving and walking home. Nevertheless, owning a winch comes at a price. General safety precautions should be taken by anyone handling them. Some of these precautions include: Proper training should be taken so as to clearly understand the working of the winch and how to safely operate it. A no-go zone should be established during the recovery process, in case the winch rope snaps and wh