About OSHA Rigging and Hoisting

Construction Site Safety

Apr 28, 2017

Hoists Overview

Host company LGH, which rents a wide range of hoisting, rigging and jacking equipment throughout the USA, was an early supporter of the program. We decided from the beginning to back this initiative with both human and financial support, said Patrick Clark, National Rental Support Manager at LGH, We have never looked back, and continue to get more passionate and stronger in our convictions. This is an initiative that was started with foresight from an industry that was slowly watching their aging labor staff retire. Depending on the craft or trade, for every two or five folks retiring there


Apr 25, 2017

The Latest Facts Regarding Osha Hoisting And Rigging Safety

Many of these positions are responsible for writing the regulations and policies Trump and his allies in Congress seem to want to take shape, but that wont happen until the Administration moves to fill these posts. In addition, the Presidents budget proposal would slash the federal workforce in many departments and agencies, which may stem the tide of federal regulations. For example, Trumps budget would cut DOT staff by 13%. The Department of Labor would see its budget shrunk by 20.7%, and the Environmental Protection Agency by 31.4%. However, facing opposition in Congress even from Republican


Apr 24, 2017

A Glance Within Lifting Equipment Hire

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Off-road drivers understand the need of installing a winch on their vehicles. Oftentimes, possession of a good winch may stand between driving and walking home. Nevertheless, owning a winch comes at a price. General safety precautions should be taken by anyone handling them. Some of these precautions include: Proper training should be taken so as to clearly understand the working of the winch and how to safely operate it. A no-go zone should be established during the recovery process, in case the winch rope snaps and wh